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Ninth Wave


Welcome to our award-winning game

and seafood restaurant on the Isle of Mull.

Thank you for thinking of us!

We will be re-opening on May 1st. Please subscribe to our website to keep informed.                                


The restaurant offers luxury 4 -5 course lunches on Wednesdays , Thursdays and Fridays.


Ninth Wave is a destination restaurant on the wild moors of Mull. We showcase quality modern Pacific Rim cuisine with vibrant ethnicity: a celebration of quality produce gathered from the magnificent provender of Scotland.

Ninth Wave’s approach is based on seasonality, using the croft’s own home-grown produce, fresh-caught seafood and organic meats from the island. Owners John & Carla Lamont invite you to explore the ever-changing menu that is sourced from fisherman’s sustainable catches and crofter’s bounty. The restaurant is not open for evening meals.

Ninth Wave Crab Wonton.jpg

Head Chef

Carla Lamont

The restaurant pays homage to both the wonderful island produce and the unique cultures that make up the tapestry of Carla’s Canadian heritage. The dishes meld Asian and Pacific Northwest influences with the very best of Scottish ingredients.

Chef Carla’s dishes celebrate the cornucopia of John’s productive croft garden.  The menu features moorland leaves, flowers and roots found on the croft.  There is a thriving herb garden full of interesting, historic plants grown from heirloom seeds.  Following the local island tradition, they also cure, smoke and brine both meat and seafood on site; creating unique flavours by incorporating the foraged flavours of bog myrtle, thyme, heather and sorrel.

Hedonism on a plate.” 

- Carla Lamont -


Lobster, crab, hand-dived scallops and fish are often caught only hours before appearing on your lunch plate. John, the co-owner catches the seafood on our wee fishing boat the “Sonsie”, and delivers it live to our kitchen each day before service.

The restaurant takes its name from Celtic sea mythology, where the “land of other-worldly delights” begins at the ninth wave.

We will be offering 4-5 course lunches Wednesdays to Fridays. We also do largeer party lunches 12-16 people for wedding and party functions on Sundays. Subscribe to our website to get our updates.

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"Owners of the Ninth Wave Restaurant on the Isle of Mull, Carla and John Lamont, have brought fine dining to one of the most beautiful islands in the Hebrides. Their cooking is based on seasonality - using the wonderful natural larder of fruit,vegetables, game and seafood at the times of year when they are available and at their best. Lobster, crab, hand-dived scallops and fish are often caught only hours before appearing on the dinner-plate. John, a fisherman catches crab and lobster on his own fishing boat. Carla tells the story of how she came to set up the restaurant in a remote corner of Scotland and captures the zest and creativity of its menu in detailed and easy-to-follow recipes. This is a book to treasure and to turn to again and again." - Birlinn Books


A while ago we appeared on the YouTube channel Munchies Tv, it was such great fun!   You can check it out the full episode here....

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