Jonny the Fisherman, Kirsty and I arrived dressed to the nines to the floodlit façade of Drummossie House Hotel in Inverness for the HI Tourism Awards 2015 on November 15th. We entered the hotel walking between two lines of proud Highland Pipers and received a grand welcome to the skirl of the bagpipes.

Riding on the crest of a winning wave our wee place won another sought after award. Ninth Wave won Best Restaurant Experience, a category with a record number of entries this year. Surprised and delighted about winning 2 major awards in the last couple weeks, we enjoyed the champagne cocktails and sumptuous dinner that was put on by the award’s many sponsors.

CTu-GoxUAAEkAqHMeeting the Mc (tv presenter and chef) Tony Singh was also a highlight. We got into a very enthusiastic talk about using fresh sea urchin, octopus, conger eel and many more delicacies that magically appear from Jonny’s creels. He good naturedly posed for photos with me, despite being gouged in the eye by the antique spoon on my steampunk hat! Lovely man. He’s said he’ll make it up to Mull to do some wild and wonderful experiments in the Ninth Wave kitchen with me, which is great.

Kudos to our tiny team of marvelous people: Fiona, Amanda, Billie, Fedra and Cameron. Humbled but inspired by the awards judges genuine praise, it was a night to remember!